Monday, September 2, 2013

Dark Star by Bethany Frenette Review

"Audrey Whitticomb has nothing to fear. Her mother is the superhero Morning Star, the most deadly crime-fighter in the Twin Cities, so it's hard for Audrey not to feel safe. That is, until she's lured into the sweet night air by something human and not human--something with talons and teeth, and a wide, scarlet smile. 

Now Audrey knows the truth: her mom doesn't fight crime at night. She fights Harrowers--livid, merciless beings who were trapped Beneath eons ago. Yet some have managed to escape. And they want Audrey dead, just because of who she is: one of the Kin. 

To survive, Audrey will need to sharpen the powers she has always had. When she gets close to someone, dark corners of the person's memories become her own, and she sometimes even glimpses the future. If Audrey could only get close to Patrick Tigue, a powerful Harrower masquerading as human, she could use her Knowing to discover the Harrowers' next move. But Leon, her mother's bossy, infuriatingly attractive sidekick, has other ideas. Lately, he won't let Audrey out of his sight. 

When an unthinkable betrayal puts Minneapolis in terrible danger, Audrey discovers a wild, untamed power within herself. It may be the key to saving her herself, her family, and her city. Or it may be the force that destroys everything--and everyone--she loves."

Dark Star is one of those books that's worth reading throughout the entire night, even though you have something important planned tomorrow. (Yeah, I totally did that, blowing off my beauty sleep cycle. I don't want a grumpy attitude in the morning. Then again, I don't really care because I have a book in my hands.) Although Dark Star seems to be like superhero/Superman type, it isn't. Let me repeat this: It isn't. (More of angel vs demons type.) No, it's really about Guardians (Audrey's mom is one of them) fighting demons (Complicated part: Not all demons/Harrowers are bad. Some are neutral and others are apparently descended from Harrowers. [WOW. I made this even more complicated.]). Ignore the parentheses. They're too confusing.

Dark Star is overall a pretty awesome book. It's unfortunate that not many people has heard of Dark Star. It is thrilling and so full of action, including a visit down to the Harrower's secret lair. (I wonder if this is what's like for the children of superheroes. Maybe, maybe not. The little kid [Franklin Richards, the son of Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic] from Fantastic Four would know.)

The beginning of Dark Star ease the readers through into the story. Hints of Audrey's feelings are revealed while she is also jealous of her mother's superhero power. The plot goes up and down, as Audrey struggles to find the key to saving Minneapolis after Harrowers attack sixteen year old girls over and over again. (The girls are left to bleed until they die unless they are saved by the Guardians.) The author's writing is hilarious while also being deep and meaningful. (I love what she put in the acknowledgements. "Is this a kissing book?" Priceless and gold. And yes sometimes I do read acknowledgements even though I'm slightly bored by them.)

Wow, I love the ending. It reminds of me similar endings like Scarlet (Ciner's POV), and Unravel Me. The decision to fight and to live gives off a good feeling of righteousness and strength. It always makes the character seem more appealing, fascinating, and entertaining. Although sometimes the ending is a little bit of a promise, it is awesome. (That's the only word I have for this ending. I can describe it better with music, though.)


Audrey is one of those innocent girls. She doesn't know what is really going on, even though she thinks she knows. She is kept in the dark, until now. Together, we and Audrey journey together to find the true truth and unravel the false truths, hidden within everything. In the beginning, Audrey's feelings and hopes are hinted. She seems to be benevolent (although that's far from what she truly is), hopeful (that trait dies and born again), and a perfect schoolgirl (no, she goes and be reckless whenever she likes or whenever someone is in serious danger).

Leon, Leon, Leon, I knew you were the secret love interest in this book! Leon is adorable and cute in the nerdy way. Everytime Audrey says that Leon is going "Hungry Puppy Eyes", I'm sure I've swoon over and over again. It's so sweet how Audrey skirts around Leon, subconsciously liking him yet he doesn't seem to be returning the flame. If he isn't a good boyfriend in the next book, I'm so going to cross his name out on my 'Cute guys in YA books'. (Yes, I do have a list. BTW, Tobias Eaton from Divergent and Aaron Warner from Unravel Me is totally on it.)

Rating: Five out of Five

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