Monday, December 9, 2013

Code Name Komiko by Naomi Paul Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"On the surface, sixteen-year-old Lian is a serious student and dutiful daughter, destined for a fine career as a concert violinist. But Lian has a secret identity. She is part of 04/06a band of cyber-investigators who work to expose injustice and corruption. In this virtual world, Lian goes by the code name, Komiko."

Awesome! That's the first thing I think when I finished this book. I'm also desperate for a sequel, because this book seems quite unfinished. 

Code Name Komiko is a good book, for me because I haven't read anything so delightful in a long time. (I'm going to reread this if another bad book comes up to or I accidentally pick up a bad book). Anyway, Code Name Komiko is not a book like Code Name Verity. It's a book about bloggers who go around and reveal the true sides of corporations. 

Got that so far? I hope so because I'm moving on. 

The plot is amazing. With a conflict of Lian that hits so close to home, the book is guarantee to go insane. What's the conflict? Or shall I say conflicts? 1) There's a dead girl who is discovered by Lian and may have a connection to Harrison Outfitters, one of the largest and probably multi-billion money making machines. 2) There's a new member in the small group of bloggers. 3) Matt Harrison, the son of the Harrison, who might know too much about the business. Did I mention that he's the new classmate of Lian?  4) Lian's father is in trouble. 5) There's more problems. 

I think I talked too much about the book. I hope I didn't reveal any major spoilers.

It's insane, but Code Name Komiko is amazing. I love how the author manage to fit all those puzzle pieces together. I hope the author writes a sequel, because I have a feeling that Code Name Komiko is just warming up. The ending seemed unfinished, destined to become something even greater. Maybe it's a tiny cliffhanger, a tiny jump, to something deadlier. (And there's a small possibility that love might come in the next book!) 

Naomi Paul's writing is so addicting. I stayed up all night trying to finish the book. The truth is, I finished it in math class because I fell asleep at night, failing to complete the book. I love how Paul portrays Lian. 

Lian is a smart girl, obviously. She's torn from doing what she always believes in versus doing what her parents want her to do. She's loyal to the core, especially to the people she tries to help, her family and friends, and her fellow bloggers. She's deadly when it comes to the people who wants to hurt her, kill her, and like her (yeah, I know that it is hilarious). 

One thing I would like for Lian is a love interest. In the next book. That haught American boy, please. (Author should know what I'm talking about. I hope). 

Rating: Five out of Five

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