Monday, December 16, 2013

Allegra by Shelley Hrdlitschka Review

"Allegra thinks being at a performing-arts high school will change her life and make her a better dancer. But high school is still high school, complete with cliques, competition and cruelty. Allegra's refuge comes in the form of a class she doesn't want to take--music theory, taught by a very young, very attractive male teacher. Soon all Allegra can think about is music composition--and Mr. Rochelli. But has she misunderstood his attention, or is he really her soul mate?"

Well, this certainly isn't my relationship with a teacher. Love relationship. Student and teacher. We all have heard these stories on the internet, on the news, on tv, etc.

Now there's a book on it. A fiction book, right under the shelf Fiction.

First of all, all readers should understand the following things: 1) The teacher is very young, 2) Allegra is almost an adult in the eyes of the law, and 3) This book is FICTION. Although the book is indeed fiction, it does hit some factors of a student-teacher relationship (Don't ask why I know).

Allegra likes him because he's more mature, he understands her better, and he cares out of everyone in the world. (Is this turning into a freaky review for you? Sorry, guys but this is the truths of the book. Allegra even list them out). Not to mention that hawt young music teacher is very attractive, which is why Allegra likes him.

Okay. Onto the book. Allegra is actually a pretty good book, once you let all of the factors go. Even though I'll probably never see my teachers the same way before I read this book, it's still a pretty damn good book. (I'm just kidding. I don't see my teachers in a different way after reading this. I think). Allegra is like music. Stunningly beautiful, with deep dark and light emotions. Like all music when played with the heart.

What more can you think about when there's a hot teacher that's making Allegra blush furiously? Well, apparently Allegra is still going on and thinking about how horrible her life is. Boo-hoo, we all have terrible lives. Because we are biased, opinionated people. We only care for ourselves until we realize that there's someone out there worth more than you. And in this book, it happens. 

The ending is driving me crazy. I wish, wish, wish, and wish the author (I don't know how to pronounced the last name) would write a short chapter or epilogue. I don't like it when stand-alone books leave off without a solid conclusion. Yes, as you guess, this book is one of those "Maybe this, maybe that" books. 

And Allegra? She's a learner. But I won't tell her characteristics. Many of them are already listed in the synopsis. I'm not joking. 

Rating; Four out of Five

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