Sunday, August 31, 2014

Betrayal by Gillian Shields Review

"There are the small betrayals: the unkind word, the petty lies. And there are the betrayals that break hearts, destroy worlds, and turn the strong sweet light of day into bitter dust.

When Evie Johnson started at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, her life changed in ways she couldn't possibly have envisioned: the discovery of her link with Lady Agnes, her special bond with Helen and Sarah, and their sisterhood in the astonishing secrets of the Mystic Way. Above all, Evie's love for Sebastian has turned her world upside down.

Now Evie returns to Wyldcliffe for another term and more danger. Surrounded by enemies, she lives every day in fear that Sebastian will fall into the darkness of servitude to the Unconquered Lords. The Wyldcliffe coven is plotting to destroy Evie and use Sebastian to secure their own immortality. Evie and her sisters must master the power of the Talisman before it is too late. But could it be Sebastian himself who will ultimately betray Evie?

In this companion to Gillian Shields's dazzling Immortal, magic and sweeping romance cross the bounds of time to deliver heart-stopping emotion and suspense."

Betrayal is better than Immortal. I think I might give Betrayal a raise ever since Gillian Shields killed off... Oh. Sorry. Spoilers. But if you do want to know, then read the next paragraph in parentheses. If not, then skip the paragraph. Spoilers are never kind on the soul or heart. Or the mind. The mind always tend to remember the most annoying things of all details.

(Sebastian dies. Can we open the bottle yet?)

After that wonderful plot twist, I think I can relax now. However, I still remain disappointed in the author's abilities to pull off an Allegiant. We all know that Evie needs to die. Now or later. But somewhere in the book, please! She is really killing me. And I'm not killing. How she doesn't see things is a bit of a question for me. So much is so obvious, and she doesn't even... Gosh! I don't understand how Evie is so stupid and such an idiot. I can easily tell the bad guys from the good, and things are so obvious that I can probably play pinball ten times over while waiting for Evie to finally understand what is going on. Or for Evie to go through the plot... Okay, that sentence didn't make any sense.

The plot is irritatingly slow. Slow for me. Fast for Evie, apparently. Already, I didn't like it when Sebastian disappeared and started doing weird things in Evie's dreams. That is one level of creepiness. You don't enter a girl's dream space without her permission. (Especially if you claim to be wanting to die or fade away!) And Sebastian's character is annoying, too. The guy is more bipolar than most of the lunatics in rehab. First, he wants to die. Then he changes his mind and doesn't want to die. Then he accepts his death. THEN he demands Evie to save him. THEN (can't you believe this?) he wants to die. And finally, he accepts his death and rests peacefully. I know this is a huge amount of spoilers, but seriously? I'm really angry just by thinking about him. And Evie!

The writing is okay. Nothing to complain about over there. It is just... Okay.

Overall, Betrayal is better than Immortal, because of the surprising plot twist. (What did I give Immortal? A One out of Five? A Two out of Five? I don't remember). It would probably be interesting to those readers, who rarely read. But to me, the foreshadowing is too obvious and I still can't figure out where Wyldcliffe is (probably because I wasn't paying any attention to the school in Immortal).  Betrayal should only be for teens. Then again, I wouldn't recommend it to teens. Boys like Sebastian shouldn't exist, but they do. Even if you meet them, you should never be friends with them. 

(Stay far, far, far away from them. Like twenty leagues under the sea far. Just stay away. Just pretend he has some ugly STD. Just stay away! Bad book boyfriend!)

Rating: Two out of Five

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