Friday, August 22, 2014

The Killing by Robert Muchamore Review

"Leon is a small time crook who's ridden his luck for three decades. When he starts splashing big money around, the cops are desperate to know where it came from.

James' latest mission looks routine: make friends with Leon's kids, infiltrate his home and dig up some leads.

But the plot James begins to unravel isn't what anyone expected. And the only person who might know the truth is an eighteen-year-old boy.

There's just one problem. The boy fell to his death thirteen months earlier."

First of all, I'm going to tell you that the synopsis tells you more than what the plot tells you. And that is the truth. I didn't know about Will (the eighteen year old boy who is also dead) until Will was brought up somewhere in 1/3 or 1/2 mark of The Killing.

James is an angry kid. He has anger issues. Truthfully, I didn't really care about that even though he is immature, overconfident, arrogant, and swag fourteen year old. Well, he is almost fourteen years old. Anyway, his "anger issues" were pulled overboard when he hit an eleven year old child (who is a CHERUB, too) because the kid was making fun of his relationship. Muchamore is officially making this series disturbing. You don't hit little boys. Even if they do deserve a good spanking!

The Killing is as interesting. However, I'm getting bored of all that "villain doesn't know who the MI5 agents are." When will these villains be good enough to find out the true identities of the CHERUB agents? In history of CHERUB, only four children died. So when will the villains finally find out who these children really are? They are said to be brilliant masterminds with clever plans and little ploys, yet they still believe that children are dumber than rocks. Or easily manipulated.

The plot and conflicts of The Killing is quite interesting. But the action isn't as crazy as the previous books. Think of The Killing as a more "Who dun it?" mystery than a mission trying to find evidence on a certain person. The murder of the boy (Will) can be done by anyone. From the original target (Leon) to the surrounding neighbors or witnesses. Or maybe, it isn't even a murder. Perhaps, it is simply a suicide or Dead Will was too drunk to realize he could fall to his death.

The secondary characters take little amounts of involvement. Dave is back (That sixteen year old who isn't ashamed of hooking up with a girl in front of James). John Jones (who seriously reminds me of the Justice League's Martian Manhunter, whose name is J'onn J'onzz) plays as Mission Controller. Temporarily. Despite all of those moving and shifting characters, their appearances are great and their roles are important. However, it sort of annoys me how James always gets the credit. They deserve a little fame to their names. James is not James Bond (the thirteen year old version).

Overall, The Killing could use a bit more intrigue and mystery. Plus, can we please stop letting James Bond wannabe from taking all the credit?

Rating: Four out of Five

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