Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore Review

"CHERUB is an elite intelligence organization that employs agents under the age of seventeen. Because of their age, CHERUB agents have an unparalleled advantage in the realm of espionage. No one would ever suspect teenagers to be agents. Rigorously trained and exceptionally talented, CHERUB agents will stop at nothing to accomplish their missions.

In Maximum Security, 280 child criminals live in the sun-baked desert prison Arizona Max. One of them is the son of a weapons dealer who has been selling U.S. missiles to terrorists. If CHERUB can get the kid, they have a chance to stop his father. Getting into the prison is easy. Breaking out is the hard part."

Maximum Security is even better than the previous books. It may star a thirteen year old main character, but it doesn't bother me at all. It is like Harry Potter. Even though the main character is much younger than you, he touches you in more ways than one. There is a sense of familiarity. And that is what draws you into the book. As always.

Espionage again. It is like Ally Carter's Gallagher without the romance though. Sure, James has a girlfriend named Kerry, but he is thirteen years old. Thirteen years old. That does not count. Does not. I repeat, does not. Maybe these days, kids have girlfriends and boyfriends at ten, but they truly don't count. Because... That is way too weird. Think about it. You and your son (or daughter) comparing who has the better girlfriend (or boyfriend). Or mentally comparing? Okay, now I'm getting weirder and weirder.

This time, the CHERUBs are being punished for being too rowdy. Or too obvious? Not camouflaged? Anyway, it is only James and Lauren and Dave this time. However, there are some special characters from Class A like John Jones who used to work for MI5. Together (along with the FBI and CIA), they are attempting to find a woman named Jane Oxford who smuggles weapons. Sort of like an arms dealer. But she is one who likes to play little mind games.

James is still cocky as usual. (He is thirteen years old, so I will not blame him too much). He plays around, acts like a normal teenager, and doesn't care about rules. Well, he is a bit free with the rules. And he is always so lucky, because he somehow worms his way out of punishments. And he is exactly like Michael Western. He is able to think quick on his feet. But in this book, Maximum Security, it is indeed interesting to see him grow a bit more. They say that prison changes people.

The conflict and the challenge in the book is really interesting. I liked it even better than Class A (the previous book). The plot goes around and around, and Robert Muchamore pulls great twists at some parts of the book. And yes, James does get in a lot of trouble (heaps of trouble).

Overall, Maximum Security is a great book for those crazy kids who also love Alex Rider, the Gallagher Girls, and the Specialists.

Rating: Four out of Five

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