Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher Review

"Emily’s dad is accused of murdering a teenage girl. Emily is sure he is innocent, but what happened that night in the woods behind their house where she used to play as a child? Determined to find out, she seeks out Damon Hillary, the enigmatic boyfriend of the murdered girl. He also knows these woods. Maybe they could help each other. But he’s got secrets of his own about games that are played in the dark.

A new psychological thriller from the award-winning and bestselling author of STOLEN and FLYAWAY."

So it's a murder mystery. Obviously Emily's dad isn't the killer. That would defeat the purpose of the book. Anyway, it will also be very cruel to Emily for her to suffer in this kind of way. No one really likes to suffer.

The Killing Woods is one deadly story. A mystery, with Emily and Damon at the lead of trying to find the death of Damon's girlfriend. Emily's father is the number one suspect and therefore, in the public's eyes, definitely guilty.

When I read mystery books, I love to guess who is the killer. Here's my list: 1. Damon, 2. Mach (Damon's best friend), 3. Joe (Emily's friend), 4. Emily herself. The fourth suspect is because I think Emily is possibly an unreliable narrator. The second suspect is because Mach has a lot of unusual behavior. The first suspect is because Damon has these strange urges and black holes in his mind. Joe is suspicious because he has strange pictures and spends a lot of time in the woods. And I would never point a finger at Emily's father. He suffered enough.

Wow! I totally loved the mystery. (I'm not going to tell you what happens in the end, of course. I can say that the reporters and liars sure got owned by the end. Well, implied owned). But, anyway, The Killing Woods is one killing story. I love how crazy the mystery got as Emily finds more hidden secrets and habits.

Emily is a believer. She has always believed in her father's innocence despite her father not knowing what happened on that fateful night. She tried to protect and defend him from her friends and eventually, her own mother. As she digs deeper, she realizes that Damon might have a few secrets of his own. She reminds me of Emily Thorn from Revenge, without the need for revenge and the coldness.

Damon has a few black holes in his memories, as I mentioned before. That puts him on the killer list. Anyway, he does actually seems to care for Ashley (the murdered girl), but he doesn't remember what happens on that night. He's utterly paranoid and confused for most of the book. It's a shame the author doesn't go into his character very frequently. But I guess, it would have to do since this is only a novel.

Best part of The Killing Woods: When Emily tries to find out if Joe is guilty. It was a total moment which changed everything.

Rating: Four out of Five

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