Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger Review

"Sophronia, second year at Miss Geraldine's Finishing Academy, helps Dimity avoid London kidnappers and Vieve 10 attend Bunson boys' school. Someone kills for malfunctioning guidance valves that can control 'aether' atmosphere level. Again, she flirts with 'sootie' coal-worker Soap from the boiler room, and cuts Felix, son of Duke Golborne, at come-out ball. Teacher Captain Niall turns werewolf; vampire Prof Braithwope braves 'tether'; mechanimal Bumbersnoot plays essential role."

Alright, this Curties & Conspiracies, the latest installment of this series, is hilarious. I can't help but feel so silly whenever I read this four hundred pages of greatness and humor. I simply adore this book. It's even better than its first book.

Cute part #1: The possibility of Sophronia having a love interest. Felix, son of Duke Golborne, is the new boy of this book. He's sort of charming, yet humorously doesn't know how to deal with girls. He is sort of frustrated all the time because Sophronia wouldn't admit she likes him. Ah! Their chemistry is great! I love how Felix was about how great this thing was and Sophronia called it "dung." It's just downright hilarious. 

Cute part #2: Soap's the other love interest. However, Sophronia keeps on friendzoning him, so I don't think he will be one for long. Anyway, whenever he kisses her (yes, he did!), no sparks appeared. Sophronia was kind of like, eh... She really doesn't feel it. She's sort of like a robot when she talks about kissing Soap. All she wants to maintain her friendship with Soap. That's pretty much it.

The conspiracy: There's something very dark and supernatural going on with Dimity and her brother. Also, there's something very wrong with her vampire teacher. That's all I'm going to give you, for right now.

Sophronia is as awesome as usual. She's very likable and calm. Her mind goes a thousand miles a minute. I sometimes hope she would struggle, just a little bit. It's kind of like the tv show Agents of Shield. They have a challenge, then they get over it in an hour (or in a minute, to the viewers). Sometimes, it's too similar to a video game. Sometimes, there should be no answers to the solution. I guess the darker things of this series won't appear until much later.

The storyline, overall, is great. I enjoyed every bit of it. My favorite parts is the flirty banter with Felix. They (Sophronia and Felix) are so adorable. Everytime Sophronia does something Felix doesn't expect, Felix is stunned. Especially the part Sophronia dresses up as dandy. Anyway, his nickname for her is so adorable. It makes Aphrodite want to cry with joy. Those two better be... Okay, I'll stop shipping.

Rating: Four out of Five

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