Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cross My Heart, Hope To Die by Sara Shepard Review

"When I died two months ago, my killer told my twin sister to become me—or else. Now Emma has it down to a T. She tosses her hair with the signature Sutton Mercer flip and can lead a Lying Game prank with the best of them. She’s even repairing my relationship with my adoptive family. The only thing she hasn’t done is solve my murder.

Then our birth mother, the woman who abandoned us, showed up in Tucson. Emma hasn’t seen Becky in twelve years, but Becky recognizes Emma immediately—as Emma. Is it a mother’s intuition . . . or does Becky know I’m already gone?"

Confession: I'm reading Cross My Heart, Hope to Die only because I just want some clues hinting the identity of Sutton Mercer's killer. 

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die seem to have the same M.O. as the previous books. Emma finds a suspect, the suspect is snooped on, then the suspect is cleared. Usually, after this a hint, hint from the killer is passed to Emma. We find fragments of the mystery, but don't actually know who killed Sutton. (Unfortunately.)

The Current Suspects: Ethan Landry, Mr. Vega, Mr. Chamberlain, and Garrett, and anyone who hasn't been crossed out by Emma and has some knowledge of computer technology and lives in the city. 

The plot, as usual, is full of twist and turns. One major twist, mentioned in the synopsis, is the reappearance of Emma's and Sutton's strange mom. Consequently, she ends up on Emma's possible suspects list. And the setting, as always, is the city and school. 

Told from Sutton's point of view, Cross My Heart, Hope to Die isn't a thrilling as other books in The Lying Game series, but we and Emma are one step closer to find Sutton's killer. One book, Seven Minutes in Heaven, to go. 

The writing is beautiful and appeals to readers, especially readers with love for mystery books and lying characters. Cross My Heart, Hope to Die is recommended for readers who don't want a book to end and a fan of books by Kate Brian. If you like books involving high schools, The Lying Game will work for you.


Emma: I don't understand how she can't even consider Ethan a suspect. I mean, this guy is like a huge red flag. Other than that I don't have a lot of problems with Emma, although I wish she'll find the killer faster. Emma is a talented actress, playing and acting as the stand in of Sutton Mercer. 

Ethan: He seems way more shady in this book. Will Seven Minutes In Heaven seek Ethan Landry as a possible murder suspect?

Rating: Three out of Five 

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