Monday, December 22, 2014

Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor Review

"By way of a staggering deception, Karou has taken control of the chimaera rebellion and is intent on steering its course away from dead-end vengeance. The future rests on her, if there can even be a future for the chimaera in war-ravaged Eretz.

Common enemy, common cause.

When Jael's brutal seraph army trespasses into the human world, the unthinkable becomes essential, and Karou and Akiva must ally their enemy armies against the threat. It is a twisted version of their long-ago dream, and they begin to hope that it might forge a way forward for their people.

And, perhaps, for themselves. Toward a new way of living, and maybe even love.

But there are bigger threats than Jael in the offing. A vicious queen is hunting Akiva, and, in the skies of Eretz ... something is happening. Massive stains are spreading like bruises from horizon to horizon; the great winged stormhunters are gathering as if summoned, ceaselessly circling, and a deep sense of wrong pervades the world.

What power can bruise the sky?

From the streets of Rome to the caves of the Kirin and beyond, humans, chimaera and seraphim will fight, strive, love, and die in an epic theater that transcends good and evil, right and wrong, friend and enemy. 

At the very barriers of space and time, what do gods and monsters dream of? And does anything else matter?"

I read the Wikipedia pages for both of its prequels. And I still don't remember a freakin' thing about this series. Well. Maybe a bit. I remember blue hair and that stuff. A "Romeo and Juliet" kind of love. Some other details. *Sigh* I hope I don't have that disease. That would be terrible. My great-uncle suffers from it every day, and he can't even remember where he put his underwear... Okay. TMI. I get it. I totally get it.

First of all, Dreams of Gods & Monsters did not go great for me. All I remember is that some stuff happens and other stuff happens. It gets worse. It gets better. It gets hella romantic. And then there is this weird subplot that is screwing me up yet making everything fit in even though I'm narrowing my eyes at this book with suspicion.

^That is how complicated this book is to me. It is a nasty contradiction, twisting and twisting. I lose sense of reality, and I pretty much go "What am I reading?" Did anyone else get like that? I can't seriously be the only one. Because this book messed me up very much in the head. 

There is so much going on. I feel like Edna Moore again. "Words, words, words, words." Blah, blah, blah. Words are useless. Except they aren't. (Especially if you read a lot). But anyway, this is what this book made me felt: like words are just too much. Basically, all of the plot mushed up into my brain and just messed me up. There is like three major plot lines (A, B, C), and a bunch of subplots. The subplots are just... sdiofasodfosifjdoijiosd. The main plots are clearer (with the exception of Karou's and Akiva's storyline). 

And because I'm only partially awake (if at all) while writing this post, I'm going to say that Dreams of Gods & Monsters isn't a book for me. Maybe the first two, yes. But this one. I think it is good, but there is just wayyyyyy too much going on here.

Like way too much. Brain status: fried. 

The characters. Way too much to remember. Ain't got time to remember them all. (Okay, I'll seriously stop now. Because I'm seriously tired and toasted. But I hope you get the overall message. That Dreams of Gods & Monsters wasn't very exciting to me and left me very confused). 

Rating: One out of Five (By the way, this review is exactly what Dreams of Gods & Monsters was like to me). 

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