Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blood Tides by C.R. Sturgill Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"A loving family's dream of a new life in the New World is shattered when a ruthless pirate attacks their ship. The father is mercilessly killed defending his two young sons. The pirates capture Henry, the youngest, while the fledgling US Navy rescues James. Young Henry soon forgets his past and embraces pirate life. With intelligence, cunning, and bravery, he quickly ascends through the ranks. But treacherous enemies, both inside and outside of his crew, would thwart him from becoming the greatest pirate. James is adopted by a navy captain and trained as an officer. His desire for revenge and hatred of pirates fuel his rapid progression through the naval hierarchy. He quickly earns the reputation as the most ruthless pirate slayer. Along the way, Henry meets and falls in love with Anna, a young prostitute in New Orleans. He later fulfills a promise to return wealthy and save Anna from her life of servitude. They run away together, leaving their unsavory pasts behind, and start a perfect new life of love and freedom. However, Henry gradually wonders if love is enough. The sea, with all its adventure and glory, beckons. He finds himself torn between two worlds, desperately seeking meaning to his life. But after more twists of fate, and an impossible decision, Henry's path might not be his to choose. Two brothers, forced into a fateful collision course. The ties of family and love threatened by treachery and deceit. Good versus evil, brother versus brother, love versus life. Who, or what, will survive the Blood Tides?"

Here we go. Blood Tides. But I have to admit that the first thing I noticed about this book is the ships on the cover. Ships! I freakin' love shipping characters. Alas, that isn't what the book is about (though I can dream for a long time). Anyway, this book is set around the time Andrew Jackson is beating his attempting-assassin with his cane (true story, guys). Maybe a bit before... I need a good night of sleep. Sort of... deadbeat right now, but I'll try to get through this review and type as mighty fast as possible. And humanly possible, of course.

Obviously, this book is about ships. Not exactly about ships. Okay, I'll make up my freaking mind. It is about ships and two brothers. Their names are James and Henry. Now, the book is mostly centered on Henry, but I can tell you the synopsis or you can read it. Or if you are feeling lazy to look up the synopsis, I'll tell you what happened to James and Henry after their father was killed by the infamous pirate, Captain Bloodstone. James was adopted by a navy officer and quickly ascended up the ranks for his aggressiveness against pirates. Henry, or Hawk, was taken in by Captain Bloodstone and adopted as his son. Well, pretty close to a son. Anyway, Hawk became a great pirate and was very good (so good that he could replace Captain Bloodstone when he was about sixteen years old). 

The plot is actually very well-paced. It unfolds the romance between Hawk and a young prostitute named Anna (whose character is almost like a hooker with a heart of gold). Other POVs are touched upon, but it stays true to Hawk and Hawk majorly. James and a few other characters are only mentioned (well, compared to Hawk, they are only mentioned) in reasonable spots. 

And Hawk is quite a daredevil. He is very adventurous and smart. And he is young and very willing to try things out. Even though his plans might be bad plans. Strangely (or not so strangely), they always seem to work. 

Overall, Blood Tides is a very interesting book. It kept me entertained, and it was more than decent. So yes, this would be better than a "three." 

So here it is...

Rating: Four out of Five

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