Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Poker Diaries by Liza Conrad Review

"From the author of Rock My World and High School Bites-a tale of a poker-playing teen whose two lives are about to collide. 

For a city girl, Lulu has the best of both worlds-uptown and downtown. Her mother teaches her about art and high society...then every other weekend she's with her dad, playing poker in the back room of her grandfather's bar. Mark, her downtown crush, is almost as good at the game as she is, but her uptown friends lose their shirts. So when her buddy Dack gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and loses a bit more than he should, it's up to Lulu to win it back for him. But things have become even more complicated- especially now that her mom is dating Mr. Toughon- Crime himself, the Mayor of New York City."

First thing I think of this book: Totally awesome. Lulu, the kicking and up Poker Player Girl, isn't exactly the best candidate for being the stepdaughter of the Mayor of NYC. And no, I'm not talking about this guy. He's married already, you see. 

Although the Poker Diaries is a rather short book (hence the short review and because of the writing competition I'm in, starts with a 'n' and ends with an 'o'), it's actually quite awesome, because of 1) the main character, and 2) Lulu's dads, both of them, which is future dad and current dad. Guess who is which? I totally recommend this book to people who need to read a quick read and not be so dedicated/faithful to it, because The Poker Diaries is a cheesy read.

Cheesy doesn't even tell it all. 

The plot is crazy. I'll tell you the fast version of it. First, we meet Lulu's real dad, who happens to be on the wrong side of the law (very important part of the book). Then we meet the Mayor of NYC, who really is killing the numbers on crime. Two dads, on two sides of the law. Can it get any worse?

Oh, yes. Yes it can. 

Someone named Dack gets into the wrong crowd. Really bad crowd. Lulu ends up playing in a poker game to save Dack's butt. Then she gets blackmailed by someone, because they have a footage of her talking about illegal poker games and stuff like that. 

Yeah. It can really go far, especially when the police gets involve. 

But that's a little ahead of the story, which I will not talk about. Because that's spoilers. 

Rating: Three out of Five for being ridiculously Cheesy Cheesy.

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