Monday, November 4, 2013

Chase and the Fallen Angel by R.J. Castro Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads. 

"Chase, an uninspired twenty-three year old, trudges through his uneventful life taking for granted the everyday privileges of his human existence. He does not realize how great life is until he is killed in a tragic, freak accident and unwillingly transformed into a guardian angel. Ripped away from his life and loved ones, he now finds himself living in an unfamiliar world where fantasy becomes a reality. He must carry the heavy responsibilities of protecting his Delicate (mortal) from dangers unseen to the human eye. With the help of his two new guardian angel friends, Trevor and Rachel, Chase is taking his first steps on the long journey to eternal peace by becoming a dedicated guardian angel. But the road to eternal happiness is far from easy when Chase has to find his inner strength and courage to battle malicious demons, a deranged priest and a merciless fallen angel."

First of all, even though I once said I will stop reading books about angels, I lied. This book was on my reading list so I had to read it.  

Anyway, Chase and the Fallen Angel is a so-so book. I don't find it bad or good. I find it...ordinary. It's a book that can be hidden on my bookshelves, never to be found again. I wouldn't even notice it gone. Even though it goes beyond life/nature, it's still ordinary to me. 

Chase, a bored-out-of-his-mind twenty something years old, dies in an accident. He meets his guardian angels and quickly decides that he must stay on earth because of his family. He suddenly gets a dim light in his lightbulb, but of course realizes that life is precious when it was too late (because he's dead). When he was alive, he was an unsuccessful actor (depending on the way you look at it) who was uninspired, mundane, and quite like everyone else. Now he's a guardian angel who must protect his protectee. Although he died recently, the angels didn't seem fit to give him a quick 101 How To Be A Guardian Angel Crash Course.  

And what do I think about him? Eh...he's seems like any other normal person that exist in the world. Normal including me. I'm probably the most uninspired alive person in the world. 

The plot and writing of Chase and The Fallen Angels is okay, but I'm more concern about the writing than the plot. The writing is a little bit interesting in the beginning. And in the end, it felt like the author simply gave up on the book, especially by the rate the author was telling the book. 

The beginning is amazing. It correctly describes the boringness of Chase's life well. I was actually eager to read the book for the first few chapters. 

The ending is messed up. I had no idea what really happen in the end. Point A: Chase was here in Block One trying to fight someone. Point B: Someone died...? The point is that I was really lost. I tried to reread the last few chapters and quickly gave up. 

Rating: Three out of Five

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