Sunday, January 17, 2016

Annabeth Neverending by Leyla Kader Dahm Review

"At first, teenager Annabeth Prescott thinks she’s found quite a deal when she talks down the price of an ankh pendant she discovers at a flea market. She soon wonders if the bauble is more than she's bargained for when she faints and glimpses images from a past life in ancient Egypt. 

The discovery coincides with another new find: Gabriel, a handsome young man who takes an interest in her. When she meets his twin brother C. J. at a Halloween party, she realizes they look exactly like two boys who figure prominently into her memories.

Does C. J. share the heroic qualities held by his past incarnation Sethe, her bodyguard when she was Princess Ana? Does Gabriel possess the same evil powers he wielded as Kha, the black sorcerer who sought her affection?

Love meets the supernatural in this gripping young adult paranormal romance. Readers with an interest in reincarnation, as well as ancient Egypt, will be drawn to its mystical mixture of history and hesitation as Annabeth sways between the two brothers. 

Will her reincarnated soulmate win out? Or will Kha finally find the way to her heart?"
NetGalley. Thanks for the copy. 

To be perfectly honest, Egyptian history is perhaps one of my weak spots in the history books. That is the worse next to Chinese history (unless it's the 1940s to modern days), Japanese history (unless it's the recent years), Australian history, and all of the African and east Asia countries. Perhaps Egyptian history is better than all of the above thanks to Rick Riordan, but the point is this: I have no idea whether or not the contents and the flashbacks are accurate. Your guess is as good as mine. Just flip a coin. 

Sethe or Kha. The love triangle is in the limelight, and it's the plot that drives the entire story forward. Sethe or Kha? Kha or Sethe? Who is who, and how will Annabeth be able to stop Kha from doing any more evil acts? Sethe is undoubtedly good while Kha is on the other side of the spectrum. Annabeth's flashbacks bring insight to these two characters, but it is up to present!Annabeth to save herself. Or die. 

The modern days bring Annabeth to two brothers. One is Gabriel. The other is C.J. Is Gabriel the good one? Or the bad one? Well, that is what present!Annabeth is trying to figure out and it is her flashbacks (visions that are induced thanks to her touching the pendant) that gives her more clues towards the real bad guy. 

Annabeth is a character who is stuck between two people. She has a very strong obsession with the pendant, and I'm tempted to say that she is insane (even though she clearly isn't). Most of her choices is dependent on her mysterious past, and I wish that she is allowed to be spread out a little more. See her family, explore her relationships (that are not romance-wise), get some drinks with friends. But no. Annabeth Neverending doesn't make it that way. 

In conclusion, Annabeth Neverending isn't the story for me. It's a bit dull, and seeing the love triangle play out isn't my idea of fun. I have never really gotten to know C.J. or Gabriel, but I do understand their brotherly bond (even though one character may just be pretending). 

Rating: One out of Five

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