Friday, May 2, 2014

Death Has A Daughter by Candice Burnett Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"Cendall, history’s first female Grim Reaper, has until her eighteenth birthday to prove she’s worthy of the role. The only obstacle in her way are those pesky Guardian Angels who protect human souls, but Cendall is certain she can handle any Guardian who gets in her way. 
However, nothing could have prepared Cendall for Lacie—a soul that is protected by multiple Guardians, wanted by Demons, and, most startling of all, can see Cendall. Cendall uses every trick in the book to try and slip past Lacie’s Guardians and collect her soul, but a Demon interferes at the last moment. In the chaos, Cendall accidently saves Lacie’s soul, along with one of the injured Guardians. Realizing Cendall fears termination for her mistake, the Guardian blackmails her with an offer she can’t refuse: in exchange for his silence, Cendall must keep Lacie’s soul safe from the Demon, until he recovers from his injuries. Cendall agrees—with the intention of checking Lacie’s soul off her list, the instant the Guardian is healed. But as the three of them are forced to work together, Cendall begins to question why Lacie is wanted by the Demons and if her name actually belonged on Cendall’s list in the first place."

First of all, I like to point out that it took several days for me to finish this book. Yes, it's only a hundred pages or so, but I had a hard time reading Death Has a Daughter and taking the book seriously. Yeah, it's kind of boring in the beginning, but I'll explain it. It's sort of complicated. Actually, no. It's not that complicated. It's only a hundred page book, with a small plot and weird setting. Needless to say, this review is definitely going to be quick. 

The beginning is wordy and boring. I'll come clean. That is all I'm going to say. Cendall goes on and on about the Grim Reapers. Haven't the author heard of 'show not tell'? Apparently, not. But I won't hold that against the author. I'm more concerned about those annoying typos. All authors should take this into consideration: Please check your work before you publish it. (Wow, am I biased here? Yes I am, but I'm being very short-tempered and sarcastic here, so... Just let me be lazy, for a few years or so. Then I'll work.). 

The plot is actually really good. After the very long (not to mention annoying and curse-worthy) beginning, we start to kick into the action parts. Cendall is determined to reap the soul of a young girl. There are tons of Guardian Angels protecting that soul, so Cendall has to think outside of the box. Still, I think there's some good parts in this book (points to the author). 

The craziest part of Death Has a Daughter is the ending. That's the part where everyone's eyes goes like this: O.O It's really that crazy. I have a very bad feeling about the ending, of course. It felt ridiculously rushed. Remember the ending is supposed to be right next to the climax and resolution? Well, I couldn't tell them apart. It was a sort of ending/climax thing. Anyway, I think the ending is a great place and section to improvise on. It's where everything gets confusing, and you feel like the author has given up on the book or something. 

Cendall's character is one of the best parts of Death Has a Daughter. She really likes kicking butts, but there's some parts of her that is seriously workaholic. Also, Lacie should put up a restraining order against Cendall. Cendall, as I mentioned before, has a serious stalking problem. It's a good thing she's invisible to humans.

Rating: Two Point Five out of Five (Rounded to Two)

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