Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian Review

"When she was nine, Megan Meade met a group of terrible, mean, Popsicle-goo-covered boys, the sons of her father's friend -- the McGowan boys. Now, seven years later, Megan's army doctor parents are shipping off to Korea and Megan is being sent to live with the little monsters, who are older now and quite different than she remembered them.
Living in a house with seven boys will give Megan, who has never even been kissed, the perfect opportunity to learn everything there is to know about boys. And she'll send all her notes to her best friend, Tracy, in...
Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys
Observation #1: Being an army brat sucks. Except that this is definitely a better alternative to moving to Korea.
Observation #2: Forget evil, laughing, little monsters. These guys have been touched by the Abercrombie gods. They are a blur of toned, suntanned perfection.
Observation #3: I need a lock on my door. STAT.
Observation #4: Three words: six-pack abs.
Observation #5: Do not even get me started on the state of the bathroom. I'm thinking of calling in a hazmat team. Seriously.
Observation #6: These boys know how to make enemies. Big time.
Megan Meade will have to juggle a new school, a new family, a new crush -- on the boy next door, as in next bedroom door -- and a new life. Will she survive the McGowan boys?"

This review is going to be short. Okay, really short but with good amount of information.

For every observation, I can make a counter-observation. Right now, I'm just not in the mood to make counter statements. I simply have too much work to do. Needless to say, it is a slow day for me. How's your day? Probably better than mine, I hope.

This title is way too long. I might as well call this book this: This title is way too long to type and too annoying. For simplicity sakes, I will simply call "Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys" the Guide. That is a lot easier, right? Anyway, The Guide is from Kate Brian, who is a longtime writer of many books, especially girl books. In my opinion, she did a good job of this one. She says what every girl has said about guys: They are unpredictable, complicated, yet we girls can't help but love them despite every stupid or crazy word they said.

In a way, it is absolutely perfect. Like about boys, we forget everything flawed about Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys.

Let's break this down.

The plot and story is incredible. You think and think and think (made bets, I hope) of who the one for Megan really is. There are seven boys possible. Then you start crossing names out. That one is too young. That one is too weird. That one is too immature. And that one! Oh, that one is currently dating the hottest girl in the entire school. Still, it is a long path and twisty road to the one (for high school). 

Megan Meade is a too perfect girl. She is stunningly mature despite being surrounded by mostly immature guys. (I would say only two of them are mature. One is Miller. The other is...). In a pretty dramatic setting, we have Megan and a boy who appears to be the one. For a girl, Megan handles the entire situation pretty well. A little too well, I might add. Sure, she makes a bunch of mistakes (okay, not a lot), but things seems a little easy.

What I applaud the book the most is Evan. He is a total jerk, who basically is similar to Edward, Patch, and Wall Street guys (well, those I met). Please, ladies, never be attracted to a jerk. It never ends well and probably might escalate to an abusive relationship (Search Google about Edward is an abusive boyfriend).

Rating: Four out of Five

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