Friday, August 9, 2013

There's No Place Like Home by Jen Calonita Review

"After her brilliant run on Broadway and surviving the harsh concrete jungle of New York City, seventeen-year-old Hollywood "It Girl" Kaitlin Burke is back in L.A. starting a sitcom with her former-nemesis-now-BFF, Sky. The show is a huge success! In fact, maybe a little too huge, Kaitlin realizes, after a bad run-in with aggressive paparazzi puts her boyfriend Austin in danger. She wishes, once again, that she could have a normal life. 

But what Kaitlin doesn't realize is that her Hollywood life has had a positive influence on just about everyone she loves, and it takes a minor car accident and a nasty concussion to truly grasp how lucky she is. In Jen Calonita's sixth and final Secrets of My Hollywood Life novel, Kaitlin learns at last about the price of fame, the unending upside of friendship, and that there really is no place like home-even if it's Tinseltown."

There's No Place Like Home is a clever written book. The last in the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series is a thrilling conclusion. It's sad to see this series end forever and ever. I hate to say farewell to this series, but it's always meant to be. (The first book of this series is Secrets of My Hollywood Life, if you are interested in reading this series. This series doesn't have numbering on covers.) The series is recommended to anyone ten years old and up.

The plot is cleverly woven. All the words and sentences creates a vivid movie that I can see with my imagination and thinking. I like how the author creates the situation and solution. There's No Place Like Home is a Wizard of Oz retelling, but in a modern world without Oz, witches, red shoes, wizards, and evil/good schemes. All the secrets of Hollywood is revealed as the narrator travels through the normal Hollywood and the made-up world of Hollywood without Kaitlin Burke. 

I love the conflicts in There's No Place Like Home. There's, of course, multiple conflicts going on. The major one is character v. self and character v. character. The favorite one is character v. self which totally reminds me of my own conflicts and situations in life. Great link to my life!

Character: (There's No Place Like Home isn't really a book for a review on other characters. It's a Kaitlin Burke centered book.)

Kaitlin Burke's stunning and beautiful characteristic transformation is so inspiring. It makes me want to change my own goals and wants in life. Burke's indecision on whether to have a normal life or an acting life has been a major conflict throughout the series. Thankfully the author decided to settle this once and for all...with a Wizard of Oz trick. Burke is Dorothy trying to return to her rightful place in Hollywood. In her normal life, she discovers how much she truly love acting in movies and FA. With her newfound wants, she wholeheartedly embraces her acting life and no longer takes things for granted.  

Rating: Five out of Five

Farewell :')

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