Thursday, June 30, 2016

Defender by Graham McNamee Review

"They call her Tiny, but Tyne Greer is six foot six, a high school basketball star who is hoping the game will be her ticket out of the slum. She lives in a run-down building called The Zoo, where her father is the superintendent. One day she discovers a crack in the wall of an abandoned basement room. And sealed up in the wall is a girl’s body. Horrified, she runs to get her dad. But after he goes to take a look, he comes back and tells Tyne that nothing’s there. No girl. No body. He tells her she must be seeing things in the dark.

Tyne is sure it was real, though, and when she finds evidence that the body was moved from the hole in the wall, she knows the only one who could have done it is her father. But why? What is he hiding?

Tyne’s search for answers uncovers a conspiracy of secrets and lies in her family. The closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes for her. Because some will do anything to bury the past…and keep her silent."

NetGalley. Thanks for a copy.

This will be a short review.

Defender is a decent mystery book. It is one that will keep you interested, but it's not particularly memorable in any way.  The mystery is of a dead girl in a wall, whose body disappears when Tiny takes a look at the basement again. Thus, it sets Tiny off to look for the answers. Who is that girl? And what does her father have to do with the dead body?

Show, don't tell. Well, the book is more like "tell, don't show." There's quite a lot of information that is given through this method, and it's probably the reason the book is so short.

Tiny is a girl who is accidentally caught up in this mystery. Her name is almost like an oxymoron, she's curious about the dead body, and she's playing a game too close for someone's liking. Still, turning on her inner Nancy Drew has made Tiny a lot more active in regards to the story and plot. 

Overall, Defender is a mystery book that'll keep you interested and entertained. Good for a light read. 

Rating: Two out of Five

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